12 Amazing Lettering Tattoo Fonts Recommended By Professional Artists

Creative fonts for tattoo designing are probably the most important part of any artist’s arsenal. Fonts are also considered as an ideal way of conveying the message of the tattoo design. Also known as letter tattoo, cursive and script fonts are preferred by people who like conveying the meaning of their tattoo in a precise way which is unique and easy to understand.

There are numerous tattoo lettering fonts and styles available, but Gothic, calligraphic, medieval scroll and Buffy the vampire slayer are the most popular ones amongst tattoo lovers and artists. Amateur to professional almost every artist will have a collection of fonts and styles that he/she uses in designs; therefore having a cool set of fonts is a must for all the artists.

Generally if you notice, Old English and custom created fonts are used for tattoo designs. For instance they are used in phrases, poems, and names tattoo designs which is also known as calligraphic tattoo art.

To express themselves or to convey the meaning, letter tattoos have always been the most common and popular way used by people. They can be easily incorporated in the form of short quotes, sayings, messages, phrases, and names into background tattoo designs. Be it graphic designs, creative illustrations, tattoo font style typography is used by designers because it has a big influence.

In complex, creative and colorful designs they can also be used on top of the background as a conveying medium for the meaning of the tattoo. For example, people like something written in gothic font along with demon’s skull, Jesus cross or a bright red rose.

There are also hand-lettering specialist tattoo artists with great skills, but they generally do traditional form of tattooing as they are trained in only few styles. On the other side, modern days’ technology can be adopted to create an exact copy of a design made with a specific font with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Gimp.

For the first timers, instead of getting a common design tattooed, how about get a phrase, quote or your lover’s name done in tattoo lettering? It’s a great option especially if you are not able to make your mind about a regular tribal design.

Given the fact there are huge number of tattoo designs available on internet, it be extremely confusing and overwhelming at times that you don’t know which one to choose. For this reason alone, people these days stick letter tattoos.

Finding the right style of font is super easy these days because a wide range of free downloadable fonts are available online which you can use to custom create a design of your taste. The perfect place to start searching online for latest cursive fonts for your tattoo is DaFont and google.com/webfonts along with thousands of other sites as well. After all these easily available resources if you are still not able to come up with an innovative design, then you can simply ask your artist to make one on the lines of your reference and preferences.

Lettering in tattoo design and art concepts has always been an integral part. Whether your design is based on words alone or if it is a combination of words and tribal art, selecting the right font style is absolutely important to create an amazing design. Given below are some lettering ideas and tips to get you going…

Try different fonts with different color schemes before you decide on a particular font for your tattoo design. It’s important because at times we pick fonts in hurry and then later on you might like some other one.

If you are getting a tattoo done with background design and letters, you should try to experiment with different lettering fonts to come up with the best one that you like.

If you want to do something unique, you can spell the phrase or word backwards to create an illusionary design that is creative in conveying the message.

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