Antique Drafting Table Designs Made With Wood and Glass

“Back to the drawing board!” is a commonly used idiom among working professionals when any situation results to something which has not been contemplated. So basically, we infer drawing board or in contemporary terms, drafting tables become a creative spot where things are formulated, studied in depth, find relations between all the related elements tending to or actually influencing, study some of hidden facts, include them and finally design something much concrete and substantial.

Things may not turn as they were expected in beginning but, you come back to your drafting table and try to place things back, plug the leaks and what you ultimately see is success. So cheers to all drafting tables which have led to some path-breaking ideas and designs resulting in revolution, be it architectural marvels or mechanical designs. Be it adjustable, portable, glass-top or wood drafting tables, they are a must have furniture for architects, designers and artists.

As things are ought to get reformed, drafting table too have evolved in their own way. From being made in wood and brass now they have much been fine tuned using steel and plastic unarguably tending to be much lighter and convenient. Some drafting tables are even made in glass and wood or glass and steel frames (eventually getting heavier pertaining to glass board). Some common instruments used for drafting on a drafting table, sometimes even compared to pedestal desk, use pencil or ink, compass, French curves, stencil, protractor, set-squares and more depending on the need.

Drafting tables look a lot similar to reading desks or writing table with the horizontal portion set at a height of 29 inches. But the only distinguishing feature of a drafting table is the lip, or the stopper fixed at the user’s side edge which stops things from slipping when the horizontal surface is put at some angle using leverages and stopping knobs. Convenience and class both are available for emotion provided you dig deeper in your pocket and shell out some extra shillings, convenience in context of adjustable height and angle of drafting table and also compactness and collapsible designs (portability is what is implied here), available in all sizes and height fitting your need and class pertaining to some studio size drafting tables solidly constructed for massive structural designs.

Structurally, surface of contemporary drafting tables is a compressed fiber board, thickened and laminated with plastic for the consistent smoothness needed for drafting. Mechanical linkage catered by steel frames aid in installing the height and slant of drafting table to levels as needed. This cover prevents the surface from getting damaged by pencil or compass (the pointed tools). Some drafting tables come with features like parallel motion rule, a separate seat for computers, a point for lamp, computerized drafting tables with keyboards (better put a huge LCD TV) and a processor, drawers for placing the often used items, either two legged, four legged or a central pedestal, a very convenient place; the leg rest (mostly present in all). Though computers have already taken lion’s share of their existence, they still are preferably used by many structural designers and architects. Drafting tables still possess a distinctive elan of their own.

Those who want custom made drafting tables, they can create their own plans and designs based on ideas we have presented as aforementioned in this post and get them built by a woodworking professional. However, these days companies like Ikea, Maybline, Alvin and several other are offering beautifully designed drafting tables that are affordable and serve the purpose perfectly, which is definitely a better and convenient option compared to going for a custom drafting table built from scratch.

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