Best Personalized Jewelry Gifts Ideas

If you are heading towards any special event for which you intend to gift something to a lady then nothing best than a beautiful piece of jewelry can work wonderfully as a gift for her. And if you top her gift with a personal trademark then you will be a step ahead in being ‘special someone’ in her life. But wait, is jewelry is meant only for women?

Well, the trend has changed now. Men’s jewelry is also an imperative addition that capture attention of the onlookers. So if women are nowhere behind in doing ‘what men do’, men are also imitating them. Sort of!

Never the less, let’s not get into this complicated debate of what men and women are imitating, instead let’s find out occasions to gift personalized jewelry to men and women both.

Custom Jewelry is a wonderful gift option for occasions like Valentine’s day, Birthday, Anniversary, wedding, Halloween and so many others. By giving it, you will surely be giving something really unique, integrated with personal touch. So to convey your feelings and show how much you care you can buy personalized gifts online.


How To Buy Personalized Jewelry?

So now if you have finally decided that you will be giving customized jewelry the next thing you require doing is to find how to buy personalized jewelry? What you should keep in mind when placing order online? Don’t have any idea? Have a look at these given below pointers.

Budget – when you embark shopping online there are many options of customized jewelry you will find ranging from inexpensive jewelry to expensive one. To avoid getting confused from such choices, always make sure you have specified budget so that you can saturate your search of beautiful personalized or engraved jewelry for special occasion.

Occasion- keeping occasion in mind will again help you in lessening your efforts in finding personalized jewelry gift ideas. For instance if you are finding birthday gift for someone then you can simply type on Google, Personalized birthday gifts, you will see an entire range of gifts. You can go to jewelry sections to make choices as per taste or preferences. You can also type ‘online personalized gift shops’ in Google bar to saturate your search and get direct result of what you are finding.

Emotions- We share different emotion with different people in our life. Mother, father, fiance, grandfather, grandmother, husband, wife, friend or anyone everyone has distinct values and level of attachment in our life. Thus, when buying customized gifts for someone make sure your gift compliment your intend and bond you share with the receiver.

Age group – It is believed that taste and preferences of people vary according to their age. Absolutely right! So when buying any gift ensure age group of the receiver. For instance teenager like more fashionable, cool type jewelry than middle age men and women who are more inclined towards elegant and sophisticated jewelry pieces.

How many days it takes to send personalized jewelry online?

If you have made a choice, next question is in what time receiver will get personalized jewelry at their door steps? To ensure timely delivery, cross check ‘delivery day’ at online gift stores. It is also recommended to place an order before 3-4 working days to send gift on time. But for those last minute personalized jewelry gifts, you can opt same day delivery as well. Don’t forget to track your order.


What are the Best Personalized Jewelry Gifts Ideas available online?

Now, that’s the most common question people ask. What jewelry i can give to my girlfriend? how to buy personalized gifts online, what are the best customized jewelry available online in the marketplace?

If you are also hunting answers of these questions then have a look at given below suggestions of best personalized jewelry ideas that you can buy and gift for both men and women.


Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace with Birthstone- show respect to loved ones who are close to your heart by gifting sterling silver necklaces. Accented with fresh birthstones these can be customized with names initials and quotes. One can also go for hand stamped first name letter with a curve that makes a perfect combo of hangs on a sterling silver chain.

Personalized Washer Pendant – Have you ever seen couples wearing same pendants having certain trademark in common? these are known as customized jewelry pendants which are specially created with common imagines or a piece engraved with initials. You can gift it to friend, parents, siblings as well.

Custom Birthstone Charm Necklace with leaves – another types of personalized jewelry and very popular among young women is custom birthstone charm necklace. A beautiful charm necklace with name initials can be a gift for mom dad anniversary, as well as can be a fun gift for children.

Personalized Men’s Bracelet & Rings – If you are finding gifts for men specifically then giving something with a secret meaning is indeed a good idea. Try out personalized love bracelets and rings to confess your love but hey ‘don’t say it completely’ let them guess and adore you!


Roman Numeral Date Necklace – If you want to imbibe certain date or name on jewelry piece as a reminder of special occasion then going fro roman numeral date necklace is best recommended. Engrave necklace or bracelets with a date such as anniversary, wedding or birthday date of your loved ones and send them as personalized gift.

Engraved bracelets for women & men – these are the most commonly opted by college going teens, middle age people as well as oldies too find engraved bracelets with name initials to gift on 25th anniversary gift.


There is a whole lot range of customized gifts available online, sending a gift with bunch of fresh flowers, chocolates and teddy is always cute to impress someone special in your life!