Creative DIY Mug Art & Craft Designs

creative mug artDIY mug craft designs are meant to impress your friends and if you are too looking for some awesome designs for sharpie mug then check out this post because here you will find some useful and fun ideas to craft coffee mugs that will make your project even more interesting. Turn your diy project in instant creative activities for kids and see how they react to it. You can always customize given below ideas to decorate mugs at home and can personalize it with waste materials as well. If you are a pre-school teacher or a blogger then involving kids in activities will be joyful for sure. They will learn quickly about shapes, colors and designs and their fine motor skills will also improve. Additionally, you can capture few cute craft pictures from your camera and can share on social media sites or simply share it with us! So, let’s get started.

Mug Art

Abstract art looks amazingly beautiful on home walls and will compliment artistic photo frames placed in drawing rooms is ideal for creative people who want clean look of the walls with simple yet eye catchy display. You can personalize it by adding photos of family members too. Decorating shelves with frames and DIY mugs is perfect for contemporary themes. Paint coffee cups with symbols like heart, clouds, and hang them on wall hooks. You can also use old artworks to improve your home diy project. Ask kids to get involved and see their creativity flowing through drawing and painting skills.

diy mug art craft 1

Label it with names

If you want to show your affection, love, or care to someone special then why not try labeling them with that person’s name. You can also grow home plants in customized mugs and can display it in garden to let your loved ones remember you, every time they look at it. It is a good garden decoration idea.

diy mug art craft 2

Sharpie Mugs

If you love having a collection of plain coffee cups then customizing sharpie mugs at home is the next best option for you. You can go for different shapes and with colorful pens can turn plain white coffee cups into something amazingly personalized to gain compliments for your creativity. If you have good skills on doing art work at home then don’t forget to experiment with it. Also don’t forget to make your project more practical by choosing easy designs because if you go for hard design elements then it will be difficult to complete it within time frame.

diy mug art craft

Do it with Nail Paints

If you want  a bit fast then don’t forget to use nail paints. These are easily available in the marketplace, you can in fact buy nail art kit to save your time and can make stunning designs with names or can customize sharpie mugs with rose, heart symbols. Use glittered nail paints for the stunning design.

diy mug art craft designs

Go Colorful

Yes, adding colors to your mug is always fun. You can turn a boring old wooden shutter into a brand new creative art by using bold colors such as orange, yellow. If you have plain walls at home then diy creative mug craft display will uplift the entire look. You can update windows, doorways, and cupboards by hanging cups on hooks.

Use Oil based enamel paint pens

At local stores you can find oil based paint pens and can monogram white cups. Sharpie paint pens are also good option to buy. These are also easily available in the local market place or you can place an order online. You can quickly do your craft with oil based paint pens and these are affordable as well. Drawing moustache on mug is one such example. You can draw abstract bird, leaves, flowers or any other symbol.

diy mug art craft 3


Don’t forget the glam part that glitters can add in diy mug craft projects and for that all you need to do is to buy glitter pens for sharpie mugs. Decorating white cups with glitters at the bottom or just highlighting middle part is a good option to uplift its entire look. There are colorful glitters available in the market that you can pick to make quick polka dot designs which looks designer and stylish.


Stickers on white mugs too stand out and make it look stunning. From your favorite cartoon character to fun quotes stickers, you can make its design more interesting in no time. Just take adhesive stickers that last longer and paste over it. You are done with your creative diy mug craft!