Personalized Heart Keychain For Couples


Heart keychain is a classic icon of romance. Be it split heart or open heart design, lovers consider simple heart keychains, a precious symbol of their relationship that represent their love and bond with each other. Apart from this, many consider them as useful return gifts for wedding, anniversary, birthday etc wherein personalized heart key chain with engrave couples signature is best considered to celebrate milestones with someone special. So, from being wedding favor gifts to a present for someone, distinctive graceful designs of engraved heart keychain for couples, indeed captivates attention.

A piece of advice, heart shaped keychain in a velvet lined gift box can be an ideal wedding gift for loved ones. However, when it comes to personalize a gift for your lover then, gifting these delicate pieces of artwork with personal touch is advisable. Charm of wonderful silver chrome finish keychain is even more impressive. It can be said that handmade keychain works wonderfully to leave long lasting impression on the receiver. Try something like fabulous heart shape & elegantly designed heart key chains, wrapped with ribbon in a gift box to stay in memories of your loved ones.

The trend of personalized heart keychain for couples, is prevailing. Custom key Chains are considered as valentine’s day gift, anniversary gift for him/ her, etc but digital key chains are equally undeniable in terms of ‘gifts for occasion.’ In fact, digital pieces are rather easier to design and monogram as per individual’s preferences.


Both digital & custom key chains can be personalized with picture, name or quote. Thanks to online marketplace which has made it possible. Because of online gift shops it is now possible to buy exclusive to cute, cool to romantic key chain designs and send it free to receiver living anywhere in India or abroad.

Though if your inclination still lays somewhere between crafted or handmade keychains, then surfing for handmade keychain pictures available online will enable you to start with the process of crafting a DIY key chain at home.


‘Key’ to the heart of someone special, handmade keychain design will surely bring a sense of joy, love, compassion and even gratitude. Adorable key chain not only allows duo to cherish ‘love moment’ but in fact leave fortify memories behind.

So each time when you think of impressing your lover in a unique way, express your feelings by putting efforts to make heart shaped key chain and add personalized touch to it. Adding a side note or quote can further enhance your greetings for your lover.


Go through these heart keychain designs that can be monogrammed to make more personalized versions. Get ready with your craft skills, to experiment with resin, clay, hard wood, cardboard, etc to make incredible and standout handmade key chains. Whatever design you pick, try to practice it once before making final design. And not to mention, if you are a crafter then imitating these key chain designs will be easier for you.


To conclude, its all about your feelings, & conveying them in a unique manner is what matters for loved ones. As Daisaku Ikeda says, ‘It is the heart that matters than good or bad creation’. When you put your love in creating something for ‘special person’ then you will surely enjoy your craft project and will bring beauty in your relation by gifting beautiful personalized heart key chain to loved ones.