Stenciled Mug Craft Ideas

Stenciled mugs are cute, innovative, & easy handmade gifts that anyone (who is not good at crafting) can consider making stencil mugs to gift to loved ones on special occasions like friendship day, birthday etc. If you are also willing to work on quick stencil mug ideas & hunting creative mug stenciling projects, then here is the good news. You have landed at the right place! Here at you will know how cute stenciled mug ideas can be converted into real craft pieces. As there will be a brief DIY stencil mug design guide will assist you while you read further. To get familiar with artistic style of stenciling a coffee mug, you will firstly need to learn some basics.


Getting familiar with method of styling plain coffee mug will eventually increase your curiosity to do something different and work on fresh and cute stencil ideas for mugs. But before you head for the latest trend of crafting on stencil mug and gear up for your project, let us have a quick lesson on stenciling. Read on.

Be creative – Stencil Coffee Mug in Style!

Stenciling a coffee mug, t-shirt, bed sheets, covers, or even your phone cover is not difficult if you know the trick. Executing primary step that is, finely creating and cutting an image of your choice (always go for image that looks pretty and is elaborative) can complete half of your work.

Next, choose an object (here we are considering personalize coffee mug) of your choice, the base of coffee mug to stencil, should be neat and plain, as it will make stenciled design on mug look good with final finish. Now, take the output of cutting (picture or design that you have made earlier) and put it on the surface of mug.

Important thing to note when you create and cut picture or design for stencil mugs, is to measure the design for crafting mug accurately as per the size its original size. Choose a  creative mug design that can be easily displayed over mug without having any of its portion deleted during stenciling.



DIY Stencil Mug Tutorial

So, when you have prepared your stencil mug design according to the size of mug and is ready with the final stencil. This is the time to place it on top of the mug and hold it (you can also choose one-sided adhesive sheets, to let your design stick to the mug while you are stenciling it and once it is done with stencil mug design, you can remove it).

With the help of spray pen you can spread color of your choice (color can be permanent or semi-permanent and are easily available at any local stationary shop, you can buy stencil color palate online as well). Spread color carefully without leaving color on edges, then remove stencil design for mug and make sure you do not touch newly tinted image. Keep it aside, to get it dry completely.


Crafting Mugs at home – Quick Tips

But if you want to craft on stencil mug straightway, try permanent marker stenciled mug designs roughly. Spend some time in identifying which design you prefer for directly drawing over your mug. Right away stenciling is absolutely easy and joyful for those with good drawing skills. However, if you are not good at drawing don’t feel bad as you can consider various stenciled mug ideas for beginners which are extremely easy and quick.

You just need to pick permanent market for stenciling your mug, choose right color and draw it adorable and creative mug designs. For you convenience, we have collected few easy  stenciled mug designs, that you can make by permanent marker.

Stencil Mugs DIY Instruction

Just in case, if you want to remove unwanted parts of stencil mug design, use a cotton ball and dip it into thinner (if you have used permanent color) or in water (if you have used semi-permanent color), remove extra liquid and carefully rub unwanted portion with that cotton ball.


After correcting handmade craft mug design, if you wish to keep it permanently, you can make your permanent by keeping mug inside of the unheated oven and heating it for 20 minutes. But be extremely careful when you take it out of the oven, touch it, only when it cool down completely.

By the time you wait for stenciled mug to get dry, you can wash your hand and can clean your craft zone. When you will come back, you will see how easily you transformed a plain cup into an awesome stenciled mug. Happy crafting!