12 Aesthetically Pleasing Bathroom Design Ideas for Homeowners

I personally feel that luxury knows no boundary. Be it anything you know there is always the most expensive more than you could have ever dreamt of, stating for an example a £530, 000 worth bath tub carved out of a single stone (I guess the water they use is direct from heaven, the God’s water) or a complete gold counter basin or a toilet sink. But let’s shift to the common kinds and gather some interesting bathroom design ideas.

Let’s explore some of these beautiful bathroom design ideas and interior decoration:

Let’s divide this discussion based on the area allotted for bathroom, either big (inclusive of the medium size) or small. Let’s start with big sized. Since its big, the designs, ideas, expense, options are bigger too. A separate corner for a lavish bath tub on-looking to a window with a panoramic view of a waterfall, woods, garden pr a calm lake (choice is yours). Bath tub would take away all the glitter, so choose one shaped like a natural birdbath or like a boat in an ocean, preferably white (you may choose to be unconventional) next to a beautiful faucet, carefully placed for you to avoid any accidental lesion by it, filling in the warm water caressing your skin gently. You may give a natural rendition for the way water is poured in, like a mud pot concept, or water tripping from rocks, or like a shower above pampering with rain or just an invisible source (sounds interesting I guess). Place a big mirror and shy of yourself whenever you sneak in. A well shaped tub (exquisite kind) may alone garner you with praises for your bathroom design ideas. Make sure either you keep uniformity of color with floor, wall and tub or way with a contrast concept.

Here is a video to education you about how you can design your bathroom to take it to the next level:

You may have a separate nook for your bathroom vanity. A big mirror, wooden or tiled look may do the needful. Place a shower room separately if you wish to. Toilet sink can be in another place aloof from the tub, veiled by a wall. A huge window (with curtains if you wish to, a music system, a wooden platform (small one and if space still permits) to squat, a corner with some beautiful pebbles in water enclosed in glass will add extra stars to your best place. An idea to elevate the level of bath tub (if it’s fit in ground) and giving it a hanging stair case concept would be like a heaven and would surge your level of bathroom design ideas.

Now for smaller ones with narrow width and long length, we can put tub close to wall, attached and veil that area with a plastic curtain. Place the toilet sink midway between the bathroom door and the tub, make the door little narrower and place the wash basin right beside the door. This would bestow you with enough place to walk through. For broader space and shorter length, place the tub adjacent to a wall length wise and sink next to the front wall. This leaves some space between tub and sink. Place wash basin closer and next to the door and if you need shower point then fix it between the wash basin and the front wall.

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