Bathroom Vanities Ideas & Designs

Pampering yourself with some of the best things you can have (obviously depending on each ones pocket’s depth) and gladden your soul each time you are with them. One such perfect instance of self-gifting item (even I feel it personally) is a beautiful bathroom vanity. Coming in countless designs, material, uncountable options, each more alluring than the previous (some so breathtaking and some so sculpted that you won’t even touch them) that you would even think your home a “bathroom vanity”. But, that’s not possible (pretty sure of that). Max count-number of bathrooms in your home.

So let’s jump in some details. Bathroom vanities come as single and double vanity, corner or wall vanity, contemporary, antique and modern look, free-standing or wall mounted or pedestal kind (put combination of all these and include the design factor with material usage, you would get a brief value for the options you have). So to have a feeling of exclusivity inclusive of the happiness of having most of the designs, what I would suggest is, browse on some ideas, implement on a customized avatar of your own, the size, type, color, material, faucet and that would surely feel you happiest about (inclusive that some would pat your back on your design thought).

Modern design of bathroom vanities seem to come mostly in dark shade (black, dark wood, chocolate brown, rain forest wood) with silvered handles (for them to be better identifiable), broad framed or frame-less mirrors with counter fit basing on top and “sculpted” faucet(s). The cupboards should be large enough to accommodate bathroom rolls, towels and other essentials. In some design of bathroom vanities the mirror seems to serve as the pane for a cupboard fit inside a wall (only for space constraint space and the budget). Antique piece come in white or light color wood and tend to be mostly ornate (sometimes heavily). These bathroom vanities bestow a class of their own, well distinguished for their richness. They are very heavy for the quality of wood used and the extensive fretworks. Such bathroom vanity’s woods mostly are polished (glossed) and not painted.

There is a perception in general that bathroom decoration or interior styling isn’t important because there is not much to do with it, however these days homeowners are giving importance to ambiance and interior theme of their bathrooms. If this is your first bathroom decoration project, you should emphasize on bathroom lighting, wall colors, flooring, and should consider payng special attention to the bathroom vanity. Generally when it comes to vanity design ideas, vanity top, sink and mirror are the most crucial aspect that can make or break the look of your bathroom.

Things to consider when buying a bathroom vanity. Watch this video to learn more:

The transitional clan seems to engulf the “best-of-both-worlds” features, antiquity and modernism. Falling on the divider line it has an advantage of being native of both territories. A necessary point to always keep in mind is to glitter the bathroom vanity vicinity with proper lightning (it’s necessary to have a high precision when you are conversing with mirror), enough of toiletries, towels etc. The top (counter) of a bathroom vanity is mostly made in pure white sink (confirms with cleanliness) and/or glassed and also try on ensuring that the faucet matches the “star level” of the environment it is placed in. For most the mirror is made square or rectangular but some also get oval in shape (do try to have a larger one as they tend to be classier). You may keep it framed or unframed but make it a point that the wood color is in uniformity and also suits the wall color and the flooring. To wall it better be in contrast or shade variation (like wall in light grey or white and the bathroom vanity in black) but with flooring it better be homologous. Now stand in-front of your vanity, look in the mirror and ask the famous question: “Mirror O mirror on the wall, who has you the best of them all?”

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