16 New Calligraphy Fonts You Must Have In Your Collection

Do you have a website that needs Calligraphy fonts for typography or perhaps you want them for your graphic designs, illustrations and tattoo designs? If so, there are hundreds of different types to choose from in the Calligraphy fonts category. These fonts look extremely creative and present an “old school” style of writing in your art-work, designs or website’s typography.

This type of font is generally italicized and looks amazing on paper. Generally web designers and developers do not use this font because they are not web-safe and can be tricky to render them properly on web browsers. Maybe you plan on putting this font in your business brochure or a wedding card. Most wedding cards will use this type of font since it imitates cursive and is easy to read.
These days you have the luxury of using calligraphy font generator apps that you can use on your android Smartphone or else you can also use online generators where you can type your text and see their previews in different fonts that are available in the generator.

What are some uses for Calligraphy fonts?

They can be used in numerous design and art-works. They are mostly used by graphic designers, illustration artists, web developers and tattoo artists. If you are also an artist, you can easily download set of thousands of fonts from online resources. When downloading, make sure you order a large version of the font you are buying, since most of your clients will want the wording enlarged. Not every font is the same since it was produced by various designers. You can find Calligraphy letters that are bold and slightly rounded. Others are very curvy and tend to end off looping around the letters.

These fonts are often used in specialty cards that you see in craft stores. If you have a craft store, it is a good idea to have a letter section where customers can pick up fonts. Allow them to browse via the public computer or chose a specialty card instead of making their own. They have the option of buying a card with Calligraphy, creating one, or just purchasing the letters or stencils of the font only. A great idea would be to create stencils from the letters and offer them.

Most of the Calligraphy fonts online are free although there are some premium fonts you may want. These fonts obviously took longer to make and are high quality. By high quality, we mean the writing is superb and have no mistakes. Also, it is clear to read and the font ink never looks faded. If you want a great font to use on your website, tattoo shop, or in your store – it is a good idea to go with premium fonts. These are the best ones you can get. If you download fonts often, you can always sign up with a font membership for a monthly subscription.

Before you do any of this though, see if you can find some free Calligraphy fonts. Depending on your tastes, there are over fifty of these fonts to chose from. Some fonts are spaced together very close while others are wide, showing off the actual “art” of the font and giving it a clean look. The fonts can also be modified in a second hand program such as Paintshop. Be sure to check your software to make sure it’s compatible with the fonts you have downloaded. Once you download these, you will be able to install it into the program and make adjustments like resizing and making them bold etc.

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