Antique Drafting Table Designs Made With Wood and Glass

“Back to the drawing board!” is a commonly used idiom among working professionals when any situation results to something which has not been contemplated. So basically, we infer drawing board or in contemporary terms, drafting tables become a creative spot where things are formulated, studied in depth, find relations between all the related elements tending to or actually influencing, study some of hidden facts, include them and finally design something much concrete and substantial.

Things may not turn as they were expected in beginning but, you come back to your drafting table and try to place things back, plug the leaks and what you ultimately see is success. So cheers to all drafting tables which have led to some path-breaking ideas and designs resulting in revolution, be it architectural marvels or mechanical designs. Be it adjustable, portable, glass-top or wood drafting tables, they are a must have furniture for architects, designers and artists.

As things are ought to get reformed, drafting table too have evolved in their own way. From being made in wood and brass now they have much been fine tuned using steel and plastic unarguably tending to be much lighter and convenient. Some drafting tables are even made in glass and wood or glass and steel frames (eventually getting heavier pertaining to glass board). Some common instruments used for drafting on a drafting table, sometimes even compared to pedestal desk, use pencil or ink, compass, French curves, stencil, protractor, set-squares and more depending on the need.

Drafting tables look a lot similar to reading desks or writing table with the horizontal portion set at a height of 29 inches. But the only distinguishing feature of a drafting table is the lip, or the stopper fixed at the user’s side edge which stops things from slipping when the horizontal surface is put at some angle using leverages and stopping knobs. Convenience and class both are available for emotion provided you dig deeper in your pocket and shell out some extra shillings, convenience in context of adjustable height and angle of drafting table and also compactness and collapsible designs (portability is what is implied here), available in all sizes and height fitting your need and class pertaining to some studio size drafting tables solidly constructed for massive structural designs.

Structurally, surface of contemporary drafting tables is a compressed fiber board, thickened and laminated with plastic for the consistent smoothness needed for drafting. Mechanical linkage catered by steel frames aid in installing the height and slant of drafting table to levels as needed. This cover prevents the surface from getting damaged by pencil or compass (the pointed tools). Some drafting tables come with features like parallel motion rule, a separate seat for computers, a point for lamp, computerized drafting tables with keyboards (better put a huge LCD TV) and a processor, drawers for placing the often used items, either two legged, four legged or a central pedestal, a very convenient place; the leg rest (mostly present in all). Though computers have already taken lion’s share of their existence, they still are preferably used by many structural designers and architects. Drafting tables still possess a distinctive elan of their own.

Those who want custom made drafting tables, they can create their own plans and designs based on ideas we have presented as aforementioned in this post and get them built by a woodworking professional. However, these days companies like Ikea, Maybline, Alvin and several other are offering beautifully designed drafting tables that are affordable and serve the purpose perfectly, which is definitely a better and convenient option compared to going for a custom drafting table built from scratch.

16 Remarkable Henna Tattoo Designs For Both Men and Women

Henna, also known as ‘Black Mehndi Ink’ is generally used for tattoo design, hair dyeing, body art, fingernail art, and for coloring leather, wool and silk. In different countries of African and Asian continent it is used in several festivals as a traditional art form. In Africa people use Henna for dying wool, jewelries, ornaments and leather made goods like drumhead and clothes. Henna’s use for tattoo and different forms of body art has become a lot popular because of significant improvements in its cultivation and production.

For temporary tattoo designs, skin and hair dyeing, a thin paste is created from henna powder or by grounding fresh Henna leaves and then it is applied on skin as a tattoo design or if the purpose is to dye skin or hair and then it is left for few hours.

Henna color on a tattoo design can easily last for 2-3 days to more than a month if the quality of Henna powder or paste is good. It also depends on skin type of individuals and for how long the paste is left on the skin, because the longer it stays the better it would be for darker henna stain.

In Indian tradition and culture, henna tattooing known as ‘Mehndi Design’ but it looks just like a tattoo. In a way we can say that henna is perfect for temporary tattoos. Compared to tattoo ink, henna is a lot darker which makes it look beautiful on fair skin tones. Generally henna tattoo designs are made on hands, feet, inner wrist area, shoulder and lower back.

If we take general trends into consideration, Henna tattoos are generally based on floral art-work with lot of curves and thin lines. Be it a random occasion, festivals or wedding day, Henna mehndi designs are popular amongst girls and specially the bride in Indian tradition.

Have a look at these exhilarating henna tattoo designs and body artworks:

Henna tattoos do not cause any type of hark to your skin; however you may want to avoid it if you have a history of skin related allergic reactions. If that is not a concern for you, Henna tattoo could be an ideal solution if you want to try a temporary tattoo first and then go on to get inked with an original tattoo.

As aforementioned, Henna tattoos will fade away in a week or more, therefore you don’t have to worry about after care. However, you can apply coconut oil on it, to make it last for long period of time and to make it look darker as well.

Tattoo designs are known for their meanings, but generally henna tattoo meaning is not something that people emphasize of because it is seen as a traditional art form. However, in other they are made on auspicious occasions like wedding and festivals, so they may have specific spiritual meaning as well.

How To Easily and Quickly Remove Henna Tattoo Ink?

Discovered more than 4500 years ago in ancient Egypt, henna tattoos are recognized for their beautiful fine lines designs that can be different in appearance depending on different cultures and part of the world.

Even though henna tattoo artists suggest to let henna ink stains to naturally fade with time, however if you want to remove them quickly for some reason, you can easily do that. Given below are some simple step by step instructions you can follow –

1. If it’s a full body art or tattoo design, fill your bathtub with warm water. Sprinkle a few drops of rose water and ¼ cup of bath salt, because it helps in speeding up exfoliation procedure.

2. Now, completely soak your body parts where you have henna tattooed skin for at least 30 to 40 minutes. As you slowly soak, you can start gently scrubbing your inked skin area with a bath mitt to remove henna ink stains.

3. After scrubbing you can now dry your skin using a towel, but make sure you don’t rub it harshly as it may create a scar on your skin.

4. Now check your skin if the henna stains has gone a bit lighter or removed completely. If it is still there, you can apply argan, olive or emu oil and massage with it for 10-20 minutes.

5. After massaging, you can now wash off argan or any other essential oil you have used by using and exfoliating soap and warm salted water. If the ink is still visible, you may have to give it a day or two to slowly fade away naturally.

Where to buy a henna tattoo kit?

Henna kits are easily available in local departmental stores, but the quality you get there is not very good, and in fact it may not be pure henna powder at all. However, you can be assured of best quality if you buy it from trusted services like Amazon.

12 Beautifully Designed Wood and Plastic Adirondack Chairs for Beach Lovers

Warm sunshine, a feeling to get tanned, sea waves caressing your feet intermittently and a wonderfully comforting Adirondack chair, you may place your loved ones beside (some or one) and have a pleasant moment facing the sea.

Truly, Adirondack chairs are a boon for such situations. Comfortable to recline with curved smooth edges, Adirondack chairs can surprisingly structured with just 11 flat wooden planks. Exciting right? I am sure it is. Originally framed by Thomas Lee in Westport, New York, Harry Bunnell, a carpenter friend of Lee gave it a new look and commercialized it. Contoured seating, round back, flat and broad arm rests bestowing a feel of swinging in arms of the sky and lap of this beach. Truly this makes Adirondack chairs a necessity each time sea side becomes a leisure spot for you.

Adirondack chair can be placed not only at sea beach but also in lawns, gardens, an essential element for picnic spots (be it anywhere). Single seating leisure spot; just repose yourself in and have a relaxing time, that’s the magic Adirondack chairs cast over you swaying you away, both physically and mentally in a world so solacing.

Inwardly slant seat of Adirondack chairs redound you to plunge in the depth of its comfort, wider arm rest to have enough room for your tired arms and some relaxing beverage (you may have all you want in the world and place it by your fist), you can find it outside of almost any cafeteria. This sheer accommodating design of arm rest of Adirondack chairs abscond the need of over-occupying tables (extra space and load, don’t you feel the same?). Taller reclining back allows a perfect rest for your neck and head together.

Have a look at some of these comfortable yet beautifully designed adirondack chairs:

Have these Adirondack chairs in your screened-in-porches, the elegance and grandeur coupled with classiness, get steered to an all new stature. Keep in your balcony or in front of your penthouse, Adirondack chairs catapults the look and feel of your abode. Place them and see the value difference they make. They are a serious add on if you wish to raise the flavor of your place subtly and yet smashingly. They always lure you to the place they are set-up in.

Here is a video to learn about how you can build an Adirondack Chair with easy to follow plans.

Thinking of giving your best Adirondack chairs a smashing look, do look for the place they are to be set-up and then splash the color accordingly. If it’s to be placed beside a water body (your pool or at a sea beach), paint them in white or light navy blue or light dull green. If near a fire place then black or dark chocolate brown, for garden or lawns, color them brown or just polish (varnish them). If Adirondack chairs are for any other place you can go little vibrant with your choices and paint them in lavender, red, plain green, brown again or paint them with some theme like sea or sky or rocky (stoned).

While designing your dear Adirondack chairs, you could either go with the choice of either keeping them (the sitting plank and the recliner) of a single plank or constituted with pieces. Single plank tend to be soothingly smoother without any gaps. If you have a pieced version of Adirondack chairs, then preferable put some soft quilt over it (at least on the seat). This would make it much comfortable and obviously more welcoming. In addition, you can add a leg rest to your Adirondack chair if you wish to squat in more lethargic manner. One point to keep in mind is that it should complement the height of Adirondack chair.

12 Aesthetically Pleasing Bathroom Design Ideas for Homeowners

I personally feel that luxury knows no boundary. Be it anything you know there is always the most expensive more than you could have ever dreamt of, stating for an example a £530, 000 worth bath tub carved out of a single stone (I guess the water they use is direct from heaven, the God’s water) or a complete gold counter basin or a toilet sink. But let’s shift to the common kinds and gather some interesting bathroom design ideas.

Let’s explore some of these beautiful bathroom design ideas and interior decoration:

Let’s divide this discussion based on the area allotted for bathroom, either big (inclusive of the medium size) or small. Let’s start with big sized. Since its big, the designs, ideas, expense, options are bigger too. A separate corner for a lavish bath tub on-looking to a window with a panoramic view of a waterfall, woods, garden pr a calm lake (choice is yours). Bath tub would take away all the glitter, so choose one shaped like a natural birdbath or like a boat in an ocean, preferably white (you may choose to be unconventional) next to a beautiful faucet, carefully placed for you to avoid any accidental lesion by it, filling in the warm water caressing your skin gently. You may give a natural rendition for the way water is poured in, like a mud pot concept, or water tripping from rocks, or like a shower above pampering with rain or just an invisible source (sounds interesting I guess). Place a big mirror and shy of yourself whenever you sneak in. A well shaped tub (exquisite kind) may alone garner you with praises for your bathroom design ideas. Make sure either you keep uniformity of color with floor, wall and tub or way with a contrast concept.

Here is a video to education you about how you can design your bathroom to take it to the next level:

You may have a separate nook for your bathroom vanity. A big mirror, wooden or tiled look may do the needful. Place a shower room separately if you wish to. Toilet sink can be in another place aloof from the tub, veiled by a wall. A huge window (with curtains if you wish to, a music system, a wooden platform (small one and if space still permits) to squat, a corner with some beautiful pebbles in water enclosed in glass will add extra stars to your best place. An idea to elevate the level of bath tub (if it’s fit in ground) and giving it a hanging stair case concept would be like a heaven and would surge your level of bathroom design ideas.

Now for smaller ones with narrow width and long length, we can put tub close to wall, attached and veil that area with a plastic curtain. Place the toilet sink midway between the bathroom door and the tub, make the door little narrower and place the wash basin right beside the door. This would bestow you with enough place to walk through. For broader space and shorter length, place the tub adjacent to a wall length wise and sink next to the front wall. This leaves some space between tub and sink. Place wash basin closer and next to the door and if you need shower point then fix it between the wash basin and the front wall.

Father’s Day Celebration

Happy Father’s Day! Hey, it’s a special day today as Brazil is celebrating Father’s day on 9 August 2015! Well, a reason is never required to celebrate your dad’s companionship or Father’s days. A man who is the reason behind your birth, his surname and of course and his efforts in making you what you are today. Dad is someone who is also known as a safe guard, support for children.

From earning bread for the family to taking care of his members; making major decisions, to fulfilling everyone’s needs; a father’s role is significant in running a family. In short, the universality of a family love is represented by Fathers who are often known as Papa, Popsy, Dada, Dad and a friend.

Father’s Day Celebration Themes

Recently google’s Doodle represented the same idea with a fun packed animal- family concept. Its really exciting and fun to watch how a wolf, dog, and cat family take cares of their little ones, just like in human families, a father ensures his children’s welfare. The animation is visually appealing and colorful with its watercolor texture.

Buy Father’s Day Gifts

So, what’s special you are doing this father’s day? If you haven’t thought of anything yet, then get inspired by exploring amazing father’s day gifts ideas and present him something memorable. You can gift your father a sober tie, shoes, bags, men , personalized key chains, handmade greeting cards for father, a cool father’s day mug, wine hampers if he has a wine aficionado and if you can go up with your budget then buy a gadget for him. You can also create a memorable surprise for him. The reason why, we are emphasizing on it is because this is the way you can make them feel loved! Father is a special human being. Take care of him!

12 Amazing Lettering Tattoo Fonts Recommended By Professional Artists

Creative fonts for tattoo designing are probably the most important part of any artist’s arsenal. Fonts are also considered as an ideal way of conveying the message of the tattoo design. Also known as letter tattoo, cursive and script fonts are preferred by people who like conveying the meaning of their tattoo in a precise way which is unique and easy to understand.

There are numerous tattoo lettering fonts and styles available, but Gothic, calligraphic, medieval scroll and Buffy the vampire slayer are the most popular ones amongst tattoo lovers and artists. Amateur to professional almost every artist will have a collection of fonts and styles that he/she uses in designs; therefore having a cool set of fonts is a must for all the artists.

Generally if you notice, Old English and custom created fonts are used for tattoo designs. For instance they are used in phrases, poems, and names tattoo designs which is also known as calligraphic tattoo art.

To express themselves or to convey the meaning, letter tattoos have always been the most common and popular way used by people. They can be easily incorporated in the form of short quotes, sayings, messages, phrases, and names into background tattoo designs. Be it graphic designs, creative illustrations, tattoo font style typography is used by designers because it has a big influence.

In complex, creative and colorful designs they can also be used on top of the background as a conveying medium for the meaning of the tattoo. For example, people like something written in gothic font along with demon’s skull, Jesus cross or a bright red rose.

There are also hand-lettering specialist tattoo artists with great skills, but they generally do traditional form of tattooing as they are trained in only few styles. On the other side, modern days’ technology can be adopted to create an exact copy of a design made with a specific font with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Gimp.

For the first timers, instead of getting a common design tattooed, how about get a phrase, quote or your lover’s name done in tattoo lettering? It’s a great option especially if you are not able to make your mind about a regular tribal design.

Given the fact there are huge number of tattoo designs available on internet, it be extremely confusing and overwhelming at times that you don’t know which one to choose. For this reason alone, people these days stick letter tattoos.

Finding the right style of font is super easy these days because a wide range of free downloadable fonts are available online which you can use to custom create a design of your taste. The perfect place to start searching online for latest cursive fonts for your tattoo is DaFont and along with thousands of other sites as well. After all these easily available resources if you are still not able to come up with an innovative design, then you can simply ask your artist to make one on the lines of your reference and preferences.

Lettering in tattoo design and art concepts has always been an integral part. Whether your design is based on words alone or if it is a combination of words and tribal art, selecting the right font style is absolutely important to create an amazing design. Given below are some lettering ideas and tips to get you going…

Try different fonts with different color schemes before you decide on a particular font for your tattoo design. It’s important because at times we pick fonts in hurry and then later on you might like some other one.

If you are getting a tattoo done with background design and letters, you should try to experiment with different lettering fonts to come up with the best one that you like.

If you want to do something unique, you can spell the phrase or word backwards to create an illusionary design that is creative in conveying the message.

24 Fabulous Script Fonts For Illustration and Tattoo Artists

Script fonts are fun, cursive fonts that are usually larger than Calligraphy fonts although they are similar in style. You’ll notice that these fonts tend to curve at the end of the letter, stretching out to make a wide space between each letter. This makes the font easy for most people to ready. Script fonts can be used for a variety of different things like greeting cards, web marketing fonts, or even for your own bedroom wall. Let’s look at some of the uses.

Script fonts For Tattoos

Not a fan of those complex and big tribal and creative tattoo designs, but still want to get inked? Well, if you’re not fond of fancy designs, then your best bet is to go with letter tattoos. You can find script tattoo fonts and get your words or phrase tattooed in a specific script font that you like.

Are you planning on decorating your room or remodeling? Why not add a positive saying above your bed? You could put “Life is too short. Smile!” or something along those lines. It will look very elegant if you use the Script font. You may download the font and create a stencil out of it. Once you download this font, you’ll get all the letters and numbers it provides. In order to add the Script font to your room, you will need a plastic to make it out of. We recommend using plastic paper and cutting through it, following the shape of the words after you’ve traced it in.

Another use for Script fonts is using it as a car decal. If you want a custom car decal that no one has, then use Script font. This font will look beautiful on the back of your vehicle. However, you need to make sure it’s not that big. It needs to be large enough just so people can read it. You can either create a decal or paint it on. Simply cut out the letters you need and paint over them evenly. Press the paper against the glass of your car and the letter will show. This technique works well but make sure you use paint that can be washed off later.

There is one use for Script fonts that many people have experimented with. They will use this font for their marketing e-mails. We all know that most fonts are bold with big red letters but this font is used for certain niches like wedding, luxury vehicles, perfume sales, and more. If you have a wide list of clients, you’ll want to create an e-mail template using Script font. You can even make a beautiful marketing brochure with your product neatly displayed by a model, and the font underneath it. For example – have you ever seen those magazine ads for perfume? They will have an attractive model lying there with the perfume in their hands, and below is the lettering of that perfume – usually in a custom font. You want to make sure your font is like no one else’s and you can do this by looking up fonts online.

If you want a Script font that is highly unique and fits your company or name perfectly, go with the premium fonts. Not only will they look fancy but it will be a font you can brand your business name with or the product. If you always strive for quality, this is the best way to go.

16 New Calligraphy Fonts You Must Have In Your Collection

Do you have a website that needs Calligraphy fonts for typography or perhaps you want them for your graphic designs, illustrations and tattoo designs? If so, there are hundreds of different types to choose from in the Calligraphy fonts category. These fonts look extremely creative and present an “old school” style of writing in your art-work, designs or website’s typography.

This type of font is generally italicized and looks amazing on paper. Generally web designers and developers do not use this font because they are not web-safe and can be tricky to render them properly on web browsers. Maybe you plan on putting this font in your business brochure or a wedding card. Most wedding cards will use this type of font since it imitates cursive and is easy to read.
These days you have the luxury of using calligraphy font generator apps that you can use on your android Smartphone or else you can also use online generators where you can type your text and see their previews in different fonts that are available in the generator.

What are some uses for Calligraphy fonts?

They can be used in numerous design and art-works. They are mostly used by graphic designers, illustration artists, web developers and tattoo artists. If you are also an artist, you can easily download set of thousands of fonts from online resources. When downloading, make sure you order a large version of the font you are buying, since most of your clients will want the wording enlarged. Not every font is the same since it was produced by various designers. You can find Calligraphy letters that are bold and slightly rounded. Others are very curvy and tend to end off looping around the letters.

These fonts are often used in specialty cards that you see in craft stores. If you have a craft store, it is a good idea to have a letter section where customers can pick up fonts. Allow them to browse via the public computer or chose a specialty card instead of making their own. They have the option of buying a card with Calligraphy, creating one, or just purchasing the letters or stencils of the font only. A great idea would be to create stencils from the letters and offer them.

Most of the Calligraphy fonts online are free although there are some premium fonts you may want. These fonts obviously took longer to make and are high quality. By high quality, we mean the writing is superb and have no mistakes. Also, it is clear to read and the font ink never looks faded. If you want a great font to use on your website, tattoo shop, or in your store – it is a good idea to go with premium fonts. These are the best ones you can get. If you download fonts often, you can always sign up with a font membership for a monthly subscription.

Before you do any of this though, see if you can find some free Calligraphy fonts. Depending on your tastes, there are over fifty of these fonts to chose from. Some fonts are spaced together very close while others are wide, showing off the actual “art” of the font and giving it a clean look. The fonts can also be modified in a second hand program such as Paintshop. Be sure to check your software to make sure it’s compatible with the fonts you have downloaded. Once you download these, you will be able to install it into the program and make adjustments like resizing and making them bold etc.

12 Awesome Resin Jewelry Design Ideas & Tutorials

The emergence of spring fever that allows better communication of flowers with nature and its surroundings appears to be most sympathetic and majestic in its own sense and a true nature lover would perhaps desire entrapping and preserving it, like a magic! The scenery of spring beauty where colorful tulips lining city sidewalks, blossoming red flowers in the garden, provides soothing visual aid and has often invoked in the romantic poetry era of medieval period. It also conveys a brief representation of romance through flowers which is an old practice, though in modern period a popular motif in jewelry is gaining notable popularity, the delicacy of flower’s beauty can now be encapsulated through resin art.

The symbolic weight of resin jewelry has actually reinforced the perception about flower jewelry and these days it is very much in hue especially educated landscape architect love to explore and experiment with resin jewelry methods to cherish surprising success that comes along with immense joy and preserve things or objects beautifully in the form of jewelry.

What is Resin jewelry?

Channeling the delicate beauty of objects (that are otherwise not considered for jewelry making) in transparent matters like water, air or ice and embedding them with resin in the form of jewelry is called resin jewelry. In other words, the transformation of liquid into solid with the help of hardener and suspending beautiful objects like flowers, plants, fabric or wires while focusing on completely free inclusion from moisture refers to resin jewelry art. Jewelry making enthusiast often considers it as a strange hobby that may later become an obsession for creative nature lovers. Casting resin and Acrylic resin are two most preferable yet inexpensive types of materials that has soared popularity for this type of jewelry art.

Indulging in the art coincidentally or be a practitioner, making resin jewelry with freshwater pearls, gemstones, thread bound crochet as well as with rhinestone, sequins and other decorations is always notable and delivers a fun packed experience. Suspending sparkling studs surrounding by ruby center is one such instance that pays a playful nod to the spring celebration.

Checkout these unique resin jewelry designs, if you’re looking some inspiration:

Wrist band Resin Jewelry

resin ring jewelry

Resin Necklace Jewelry

Resin Jewelry Pendants

heart shape resin jewelry pendant

Bangles Resin Jewelry

blue resin necklace

Bracelet Resin Jewelry

Casting Resin Facts

Casting resin is an ideal material which is known for its low viscosity liquid properties, it mix up well with the catalyst and often consider for blending with pigments and dyes. Jewelry enthusiast mostly prefers this material to make handmade resin jewelry especially to give that transparent look this is one of the most preferable supplies which is easily available in the market and is inexpensive for the buyer.

Bezels and molds are two other important materials that one should purchase before landing up for the resin jewelry making. Candies and cast resin when poured in bezels or bottle caps (that are substitute to bezels) can help making candy resin jewelry. When it comes to molds latex, plaster, metal and fiberglass there are many options available. One can also choose soft molds such as silicon and soft rubbers to bring that softness stylish resin jewelry.

Before you get started!

Depending on the type of resin one is using, the pot and cure time may differentiate. Generally pot time is the amount of time before resin starts curing which may further accompanied with cure time and demold time (when it tend to detach from its mold). Besides keeping the timing factor in mind, one should also give emphasis on climate that plays a vital role in the success of proper hardening of the resin jewelry. Making resin jewelry must be avoided in humid climate. Besides this, always keep the hygiene factor in mind and use gloves during the process and above all keep patience and do not intimate immediately before resin hardens completely.

How To Make Resin Jewelry

Getting Started – For beginners using resin jewelry making kit is the ideal way to get started with the task. Having a kit that consists of resin, mold, bezel, bits and bobs is reliable.

Bubbling – Air is generally trapped with resin that may lead to bubbling problem that is the reason when casting resin, make sure that the blowing part is done gently otherwise bubbles will pop out and may spoil the entire piece of jewelry.

Adding Color – If you are inclined towards making vibrantly colored jewelry than buying pigments or dyes is must. Simulating the resemblance of colored glass or gemstones is possible with pigments use though reading instruction before using the product is advisable to get desirable results.

Drilling Holes – Using a hand drill is always wise to make a hole in delicate resin jewelry. One must embark with cautions as extreme force or too much heat can spoil entire resin jewelry also, timing is very necessary to be considered and follow the label directions as thumb rule!

Where to find creative raisin jewelry ideas?

Just like CraftyNitti, there are tones of other inspirational websites and blogs where you can learn raisin jewelry tutorials and instruction that you can use to experiment and create your own designs. Explore and experiment! Getting inspired with previous resin jewelry ideas and using your imagination can help making wonderful piece of jewelry. Choose a theme and then embark on the procedure. For instance natural creation may include embedding leaves, flowers, petals, insects or anything that is rather not used creatively for jewelry making. Contrary from nature theme one can find objects such as hooks, wires, pin backing, fabric that surprisingly improvise creative level of the practitioner. If you still don’t find anything, explore internet and go through resin jewelry design ideas that can be really helpful for finding and making inspirational handmade resin jewelry.

Creative Resin Jewelry Making Ideas

Wire wrapping is fascinating resin jewelry idea that is prevailing in fashion industry. Besides this, any light weight object can be considered for making resin jewelry piece. Freshwater pearls, pet tags, sea shells, very small toys, wood pieces are often used to embed into resin before cure time. Interestingly, pictures and photographs can also be used for making resin jewelry though using right instructions is necessary to find original image becoming transparent jewelry. Candy resin jewelry is also popular demand these days, and the secret to make such jewelry is to spray the object with acrylic spray and leave for one night to get it dry so that bleeding out of the candies into liquid resin can be prevented. Inclusion of fabric, butterfly wings, flower petals, tiny leaves into resin while using glitters are other creative ideas to make handmade resin jewelry.

List of Resin Jewelry Supplies you can get online:

Sparkling Star-light Resin Dye Powder In Different Color Shades
Alumilite alumidust color pigments
Transparent Liquid colorants
Natural Skin Tone Color Pigments
Buffing Powder
Opaque Powder Pigment
Colorful Candy Powder Pigments
Alumilite Liquid Pigment Colorants
Envirotex Resin bottles
Neon Glow Powder Pigments
Metallic Powders
Opaque Liquid
Candy Color
Porcelain Powder
Opaque Liquid Resin Colorants
Fluorescent Color Pigments
Deep-Flex Resin Molds
Opaque Powder Pigment colorants
Porcelain Powder
Transparent Liquid
Tempura powders

To avoid any problem during molding task, measuring the jewelry piece and then pouring casting resin is advisable. Also one must correct errors such as bubbles, spills over the edges, and uneven spots before 24 hours because in the second phase of cure time which is approximately 48 hours, correcting errors is not possible and you may end up with a spoiled piece. Gentle blowing is helpful to bring complete transparent appearance. Follow instructions and importantly avoid over pouring, depending on the type of casting resin one is using allowing proper drying time is necessary for the thorough finish of the jewelry. Using heat tool such as dryer is often considered but may sometime soak natural shine of the jewelry also direct heat may leave bubbles that may rather appears to be a disaster for the jewelry piece.


Innovation with resin jewelry can be thrilling and fun packed though in beginning one may find resin jewelry making a nostalgic task especially newbie who may encounter error during trails and may not come up with details with embedded objects feel disheartened but after few experiments and trails, newbie can turned into creative practitioner and surprisingly can beautifully encapsulate objects into transparent jewelry if follow product instructions carefully and integrate it with innovation and skills.