24 Fabulous Script Fonts For Illustration and Tattoo Artists

Script fonts are fun, cursive fonts that are usually larger than Calligraphy fonts although they are similar in style. You’ll notice that these fonts tend to curve at the end of the letter, stretching out to make a wide space between each letter. This makes the font easy for most people to ready. Script fonts can be used for a variety of different things like greeting cards, web marketing fonts, or even for your own bedroom wall. Let’s look at some of the uses.

Script fonts For Tattoos

Not a fan of those complex and big tribal and creative tattoo designs, but still want to get inked? Well, if you’re not fond of fancy designs, then your best bet is to go with letter tattoos. You can find script tattoo fonts and get your words or phrase tattooed in a specific script font that you like.

Are you planning on decorating your room or remodeling? Why not add a positive saying above your bed? You could put “Life is too short. Smile!” or something along those lines. It will look very elegant if you use the Script font. You may download the font and create a stencil out of it. Once you download this font, you’ll get all the letters and numbers it provides. In order to add the Script font to your room, you will need a plastic to make it out of. We recommend using plastic paper and cutting through it, following the shape of the words after you’ve traced it in.

Another use for Script fonts is using it as a car decal. If you want a custom car decal that no one has, then use Script font. This font will look beautiful on the back of your vehicle. However, you need to make sure it’s not that big. It needs to be large enough just so people can read it. You can either create a decal or paint it on. Simply cut out the letters you need and paint over them evenly. Press the paper against the glass of your car and the letter will show. This technique works well but make sure you use paint that can be washed off later.

There is one use for Script fonts that many people have experimented with. They will use this font for their marketing e-mails. We all know that most fonts are bold with big red letters but this font is used for certain niches like wedding, luxury vehicles, perfume sales, and more. If you have a wide list of clients, you’ll want to create an e-mail template using Script font. You can even make a beautiful marketing brochure with your product neatly displayed by a model, and the font underneath it. For example – have you ever seen those magazine ads for perfume? They will have an attractive model lying there with the perfume in their hands, and below is the lettering of that perfume – usually in a custom font. You want to make sure your font is like no one else’s and you can do this by looking up fonts online.

If you want a Script font that is highly unique and fits your company or name perfectly, go with the premium fonts. Not only will they look fancy but it will be a font you can brand your business name with or the product. If you always strive for quality, this is the best way to go.

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