9 Comfortable Collapsible or Folding Beach Chairs to Sit Back and Relax

Humans are ought to think differently and the resultant, the surplus forms of their “physical thought” which we all see for the innumerable options available for even the simplest thing like a folding beach chair. By rough statistics, United States alone has some 300 beaches. So just give a rough value for the number of different folding beach chairs available. Answer may have a big pot of values but take 50 as final (when I saw some pictures of beach chairs online, some seem to be like throne of a Mughal Emperor placed on a sea beach, hence the value). All are the result of thinking wild, performing wilder and the resulting wildest.

But let’s take out some famous designs from our “big pot”. Quite prevalent and convenient and incarnated in many forms are the metal frame folding beach chairs. A foldable metal frame (obviously occupying lesser space) and a seating made of nylon “ripstop fabric” and hoard of designs enough to pamper you with the feel of owning the most unduplicated foldable beach chair (at least at the beach you are in) with or without leg rest. Called so for possessing high tensile strength refraining it from tearing or ripping and is also considered to be a sports fabric. These fabrics come in vibrant color, design, texture as if to give stiff competition to Sun for its vibrance. To give you a more comfortable sun basking moments, they come with pouches at its back for you to keep sunscreen, water bottle and an interesting paperback to engage your mind. The fabric used is strong and doesn’t tear (until you use a blade). They are mostly low laying in height as its beach (you don’t need a mountain to sit and touch the sun). Assumingly they are light weight as well and easily foldable to one small bag all for your convenience.

Have a look at these 9 different types of foldable beach chairs to make the most of your time at your favorite beaches:

Plastic Beach Chairs

In terms of durability and sturdiness, plastic folding beach chairs are perfect. They are easy and simple to take care of. Every time you are about to go to the beach, just wipe them with a damp cloth and you are good to go. They are also light in weight, so portability is not an issue with them.

Plastic Beach Chairs

Reclining Beach Chair with Footrest, Canopy and Cup Holder

Collapsible or folding recliner beach chair are best for those who want to spend long period of time on the beach, because you can buy it with additional footrest, canopy and cup holder to make your beach outing perfect. They are built with rust proof aluminum frame that provides durability and comfort. You can also buy them with storage pocket, shoulder strap, and foldable drink glass and mobile phone holder.

Reclining Beach Chair with Footrest

Source: http://eu.sport-brella.com/

Wooden Beach Chairs with Umbrellas

Made with Spar varnished Oak wood frame, this wooden beach chair with footrest is an ideal deal for you if you are looking to enjoy a lovely beach in bright sun shine.

wooden beach chair with footrest

wooden beach chair with umbrellas

Portable Beach Chairs

Portability is a major factor for those who have to travel a lot to reach their favorite beaches in the city and having a portable beach lounge chair should be the priority for them.

Portable Beach Chair With Umbrella

Portable Beach Chair

Beach Chair with Canopy

Sun beating down your head, not able to enjoy your time? Well, in that case a beach chair with attached canopy could be your best bet.

Beach Chair with Canopy

Backpack Beach Chair

If you prefer going to beaches with your handy stuff backpack beach chair is the way to go because it keeps your stuff dry, cool and protected. With lots of storage space, it’s a perfect outdoor concert and beach chair you can vouch for. It comes with headrest pillow that can be removed if you don’t want them and also has shoulder straps for comfort.

Backpack Beach Chair

foldable backpack beach chair with storage

Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Zero Gravity Recliner are designed and built in such a way so that they can be positioned in different angles according to your comfort. They have in-built drink glass holder, removable pillow and a comfortable padded footrest. All these features make it a perfect chair for beaches, camping and other outdoor activities. It is built with solid steel frame and fast drying fabric that provides it comfort and durability as well.

Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Zero Gravity Recliner Beach Chair

Beach Lounge Chair

Ergonomic Beach Lounge Chairs are a perfect solution if you have chronic back pain problem because it makes your time at the beach relaxing and comfortable. They are specially designed and engineered to ease spinal pressure and provide optimum support to your shoulders, neck and back. They are lightweight, adjustable and portable that makes them a perfect deal for any beach lover.

Ergonomic Beach Lounge Chair

Folding Beach Lounge Chair

Have a look at this wood made folding beach lounge chair that will make your day perfect at your favorite beaches.

Folding Beach Lounge Chair

The second most common material used (and quiet sought after as well) for folding beach chairs is wood and they are covered with a sturdy cotton duck (a Dutch word meaning “linen canvas”) cloth bleached in innumerable colors and patterns. Such materials are also known for their strength and variety (again uniqueness offered to you). You may find it structurally similar to Adirondack chairs except that the former is a frame one and the later is a complete wood item. They may have even leg rest attached to them. Compared to metal framed foldable beach chairs, wooden chairs are heavier and chunky (don’t expect them to get into a small bag).

Some even use customary Adirondack chairs as foldable beach chairs but not so easy to carry. Painted in colors of a rainbow they do look alluring for their width and the old traditional looks of theirs. Other than the color you may not expect uniqueness here. Coming back to metal frame and wooden foldable beach chairs, they even have customized neck rest and a collapsible umbrella. For a general knowledge, these foldable beach chairs are available at any store close to beaches with discount or can even be rented from hotels or shops servicing with the same.