21 Cute & Crafty Handmade Mother’s Day Cards and Gifts For Inspiration

Missing your schools days is one of the worst feelings, because we all love them and wish if we could go back in time and re-live those precious days. I still remember my mother used to teach me art and craft for school assignments. We made so many beautiful handmade cards and gifts for my friends, teachers and for my brother (Yes, I still make handmade cards for his birthday). Even though my mother was not an artist but she used to make them to teach me, because I was one of those crafty girls who’re passionate about art, craft and painting. Back then I was a huge fan or origami paper folding, and I had this huge collection of handmade cards and Origami tutorials books that I still have with me.

Anyway, moving on…Mother’s day is around the corner and I really wanted to create a handmade card for my mother that is cute and thoughtful so that I can express how much I love her. While searching for inspiration I found hundreds of mother’s day cards that were quite beautiful but most of them are made by professionals craft artists therefore they were not easy to re-create at home. However, I also found some really nice ones that are easy to make with easily available materials like card sheet, glitter pens, water colors, ribbons, stickers, etc.

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Given below are some of my favorite ones that I’ll be using to create a customized mother’s day card, I hope you’ll also find them creative and inspirational.

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No matter if it looks awful or a beautiful one, a personally designed, hand-crafted, scribbled and colored greeting card from a child for his/her mother cannot be matched with anything else for this special day. Handmade cards and gifts are not expensive to make them at home and it is s such a lovely way to show your mother that you love her so much, and without her your world is never complete.

The best thing about handmade cards is that the person you gift them will always see it as a valuable gift because you have created it with your feelings and love. You can buy ready-made cards, but the value of a handmade card for your mother will be priceless.