16 Remarkable Henna Tattoo Designs For Both Men and Women

Henna, also known as ‘Black Mehndi Ink’ is generally used for tattoo design, hair dyeing, body art, fingernail art, and for coloring leather, wool and silk. In different countries of African and Asian continent it is used in several festivals as a traditional art form. In Africa people use Henna for dying wool, jewelries, ornaments and leather made goods like drumhead and clothes. Henna’s use for tattoo and different forms of body art has become a lot popular because of significant improvements in its cultivation and production.

For temporary tattoo designs, skin and hair dyeing, a thin paste is created from henna powder or by grounding fresh Henna leaves and then it is applied on skin as a tattoo design or if the purpose is to dye skin or hair and then it is left for few hours.

Henna color on a tattoo design can easily last for 2-3 days to more than a month if the quality of Henna powder or paste is good. It also depends on skin type of individuals and for how long the paste is left on the skin, because the longer it stays the better it would be for darker henna stain.

In Indian tradition and culture, henna tattooing known as ‘Mehndi Design’ but it looks just like a tattoo. In a way we can say that henna is perfect for temporary tattoos. Compared to tattoo ink, henna is a lot darker which makes it look beautiful on fair skin tones. Generally henna tattoo designs are made on hands, feet, inner wrist area, shoulder and lower back.

If we take general trends into consideration, Henna tattoos are generally based on floral art-work with lot of curves and thin lines. Be it a random occasion, festivals or wedding day, Henna mehndi designs are popular amongst girls and specially the bride in Indian tradition.

Have a look at these exhilarating henna tattoo designs and body artworks:

Henna tattoos do not cause any type of hark to your skin; however you may want to avoid it if you have a history of skin related allergic reactions. If that is not a concern for you, Henna tattoo could be an ideal solution if you want to try a temporary tattoo first and then go on to get inked with an original tattoo.

As aforementioned, Henna tattoos will fade away in a week or more, therefore you don’t have to worry about after care. However, you can apply coconut oil on it, to make it last for long period of time and to make it look darker as well.

Tattoo designs are known for their meanings, but generally henna tattoo meaning is not something that people emphasize of because it is seen as a traditional art form. However, in other they are made on auspicious occasions like wedding and festivals, so they may have specific spiritual meaning as well.

How To Easily and Quickly Remove Henna Tattoo Ink?

Discovered more than 4500 years ago in ancient Egypt, henna tattoos are recognized for their beautiful fine lines designs that can be different in appearance depending on different cultures and part of the world.

Even though henna tattoo artists suggest to let henna ink stains to naturally fade with time, however if you want to remove them quickly for some reason, you can easily do that. Given below are some simple step by step instructions you can follow –

1. If it’s a full body art or tattoo design, fill your bathtub with warm water. Sprinkle a few drops of rose water and ¼ cup of bath salt, because it helps in speeding up exfoliation procedure.

2. Now, completely soak your body parts where you have henna tattooed skin for at least 30 to 40 minutes. As you slowly soak, you can start gently scrubbing your inked skin area with a bath mitt to remove henna ink stains.

3. After scrubbing you can now dry your skin using a towel, but make sure you don’t rub it harshly as it may create a scar on your skin.

4. Now check your skin if the henna stains has gone a bit lighter or removed completely. If it is still there, you can apply argan, olive or emu oil and massage with it for 10-20 minutes.

5. After massaging, you can now wash off argan or any other essential oil you have used by using and exfoliating soap and warm salted water. If the ink is still visible, you may have to give it a day or two to slowly fade away naturally.

Where to buy a henna tattoo kit?

Henna kits are easily available in local departmental stores, but the quality you get there is not very good, and in fact it may not be pure henna powder at all. However, you can be assured of best quality if you buy it from trusted services like Amazon.

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