Unique Garden Design Ideas

Unique Gardening design ideas represent new way of living life. Cultivating a space that brings you close to the nature, is indeed satisfying. The prevailing beauty of mini gardens designs such as terraced flowerbeds enable homemakers to generally consider for apartments where presentation of mix blooms for interesting greenery with modern effect for residential area create brings natural ambiance.


“When it comes to small space terrace garden, log border flowerbed is a popular choice that occupies concrete, horizontal wooden beams and yes, vertical logs for unexpected delight. Presentation of such unique garden designs can be experimented through white-silver hue combination for border, with considerably eye catchy height ”, says Alice who is a professional interior designer and have gained architectural skills by working in residential and official gardening projects.



A rocky flower garden design is another substantial choice of homemakers when it comes to choose garden design ideas for small apartments according to her. Combination of low lying blooms surrounded by rocks and lush vegetation speaks about elegance of front yard unique garden design. If this appear quite common to you then try something conventional yet interesting as transiting garden design idea for front yard. For instance, floral containers works pretty nicely when it comes to eye catchy front yard garden style, according to Alice.


Assortment of rich floral tones with artistic touch can be complementary to bring pleasant surprise. And with some intentional planting you can create floral sculpture for graceful arrangement of your unique garden design. Alice says, for modern garden design ideas, ponds can configured in such a manner that greenery spill over the edges and shimmering garden ponds complement each other.



“If you wish to evoke the magic of an English botanical garden designs for small space than going for Sculpted shrubs and choosing trimmed hedges is advisable. To twist traditional garden design technique to decorate front yard of a garden by planting shrubs inside of the flowerbeds and tame them to let the charm of contemporary look prevailing into sphere like form,” says Alice. She also encourages the spirit of experimentation to get your unique garden design ideas.



According to her, when greenery meets colors, it bring surprise to a garden design idea and working on contrast tones for front garden design can be the best thing for eye catchy color pop. For instance, choosing red-leafed plants for variety surrounded by lush green can bring verdant appearance to make it very unique garden design in itself. Moreover, strategical assortment of plants in small garden designs for apartments can further enable homemaker to create paradise filled with shades of green.



Alice further illustrates example of vine filled trellis and cascading vegetation. She advice to work on texture and length of a unique garden design while choosing irresistible hanging for glittering waterfall effect especially large garden designs looks amazing. Many homeowners thinks that elegant frame for large garden ideas works better.  Patch of lawn and attention to grass with border of bricks can transform a large garden sculpture designs into stately showpiece. Moreover, pathways of landscape garden design are completely unavoidable when teamed with solar lights for garden.


To get an exclusive, recreational & unique garden design idea, focusing on front garden pathway lights is important. Making walkways as beautiful as large, small garden designs is the prime factor that needs to be considered when it comes to making an impact on passerby. Grid effect with lush green garden effect is indeed impressive according to Alice. Experimenting with garden pathway lights to creating magic in dark, by placing stones and plant containers for day light beauty than mere concrete tiles, is her favorite part of large garden designs.