6 Elegant Kitchen Wall Color Schemes with Light & Dark Wood Cabinets

It’s a popular saying amongst interior designers that “There are no bad wall colors; it’s just about bad color combinations.” When I first heard it, I completely disagreed, because there are few color shades (Red, Yellow, Pink) that I steer clear of and I would never want them on my walls. However, after seeing beautiful color combinations of these shades in home decor magazines, home and kitchen interior galleries, I realized that I had never seen such perfectly balanced color pallets that are quite beautiful and can completely transform a plain and dull wall.

What I’m trying to convey is that, it is practically possible to use a single shade and its light and dark variants in your kitchen, but it mainly depends on how you are using other colors and materials with it. So how do you create a cohesive and well balanced color palette for your kitchen walls? Well, let’s find out.

Have a look at these beautiful kitchen wall color schemes with both dark and light wood cabinets. Explore them, and then we’ll discuss about different color palettes we have compiled after browsing hundreds of kitchen interior design pictures.

beautiful kitchen wall colors

blue kitchen walls with dark cabinets

dark cabinets in kitchen interior designs

green kitchen wall color with cabinets

green wall color scheme for kitchen

kitchen design with dark wood cabinets

kitchen wall colors with light wood cabinets

ligh kitchen wall color combination

modern kitchen walls with cabinets

In terms of different color schemes and single color shades, they can be described as bright, eye catching, vibrant, light, airy and tranquil that goes pretty well with any kitchen interior theme.

Warm & Vibrant Color Combinations

warm kitchen colors

If you like experimenting with vibrant and bright shades on your kitchen walls but don’t want to make it look like a rainbow inspired kitchen, then you should consider trying analogous color shades – colors you see next to each other in a monotone color wheel.

In other words you can think of is as a cool vs. vibrant color shades. Have a look at this kitchen wall color example, it is making use of bold splashes of red and orange that are warm shades. It makes it look rejuvenating, refreshing and exciting.

Cool & Comfy Color Palette

cool and comfy kitchen wall colors

Similar to our warm color palette this kitchen interior also features use of vibrant analogous shades, however it is based on cooler part of the monotone color wheel as it is based on light shades of blue and green, which gives it an elegant, serene and sophisticated touch.

Fresh Splash of Green

splash of green color for kitchen walls

Green is generally not the shade you associate with kitchen walls; however an unexpected splash of a highlighting color like green can truly transform a wall. However, excessive use of green can be overwhelming at times; therefore you must prevent it from crossing the limitation. For inspiration have a look this kitchen, the way their designer have kept all the essential elements neutral while giving it a fresh look, is truly magnificent.

Rich & Luxurious Kitchen Palette

red and rich kitchen wall color scheme

Fresh and energetic kitchen ambiance makes you feel good and you want to eat there. Just like this image, red color cabinet and wooden kitchen walls works as an appetite stimulant, and that is the reason why you see famous restaurants have their walls painted with different shades of red, yellow and orange. However, playing with red color can be a bit tricky and difficult to manage because it tends to absorb all the light and make it look dark.