12 Breathtaking Glasswinged Butterfly Photography Examples

There are so many beautiful creatures on earth that we don’t know about, Glasswinged Butterflies are one of them. Experience of watching them fly is a sheer pleasure because their glass like wings are so mesmerizing, it will take your breath away. They look gorgeous with their translucent wings that can be 2.3 to 2.4 inches in size.

It’s a Spanish breed known as espejitos in Spanish but worldwide they are known as “Glasswinged Butterfly” and on Wikipedia facts it is called as ‘Greta oto’. Reason behind this name is because their tissues are colorless therefore it looks as if there is nothing in between their wings, giving them a glass or small mirror like look. Edges of its wings are dark and tinted with bright orange, yellow and red color. Its core body structure is just like a normal butterfly and is dark in color.

Even though it is very rare and difficult to see them live, but generally they are seen around Lantana Flowers and Solanaceae Genus Cestrum plants which is their natural habitat. Given the fact their tissues are toxic, it provide them safeguard from their predators. Biologically they are categorized as a sub-family of subtribe Godyridina and Danainae Butterflies. As they are originated from Spain, it becomes very difficult to migrate them in different weather conditions, and their life-span is very short that makes it even more challenging.

As aforementioned, they are a rarely seen species and it is very difficult to film or photograph them. However, there are some photographers who have clicked them and given us an opportunity to experience their beauty. Have a look at these breathtaking photos of Glasswinged Butterfly!

beautiful glass-winged butterfly

Glasswing  Greta Oto Butterflies

glass winged butterfly

glass-winged butterfly photo

glasswinged butterfly

glasswinged butterfly photography

greta oto glass-winged butterfly

mirror winged butterfly

transparant butterfly