12 Awesome Resin Jewelry Design Ideas & Tutorials

The emergence of spring fever that allows better communication of flowers with nature and its surroundings appears to be most sympathetic and majestic in its own sense and a true nature lover would perhaps desire entrapping and preserving it, like a magic! The scenery of spring beauty where colorful tulips lining city sidewalks, blossoming red flowers in the garden, provides soothing visual aid and has often invoked in the romantic poetry era of medieval period. It also conveys a brief representation of romance through flowers which is an old practice, though in modern period a popular motif in jewelry is gaining notable popularity, the delicacy of flower’s beauty can now be encapsulated through resin art.

The symbolic weight of resin jewelry has actually reinforced the perception about flower jewelry and these days it is very much in hue especially educated landscape architect love to explore and experiment with resin jewelry methods to cherish surprising success that comes along with immense joy and preserve things or objects beautifully in the form of jewelry.

What is Resin jewelry?

Channeling the delicate beauty of objects (that are otherwise not considered for jewelry making) in transparent matters like water, air or ice and embedding them with resin in the form of jewelry is called resin jewelry. In other words, the transformation of liquid into solid with the help of hardener and suspending beautiful objects like flowers, plants, fabric or wires while focusing on completely free inclusion from moisture refers to resin jewelry art. Jewelry making enthusiast often considers it as a strange hobby that may later become an obsession for creative nature lovers. Casting resin and Acrylic resin are two most preferable yet inexpensive types of materials that has soared popularity for this type of jewelry art.

Indulging in the art coincidentally or be a practitioner, making resin jewelry with freshwater pearls, gemstones, thread bound crochet as well as with rhinestone, sequins and other decorations is always notable and delivers a fun packed experience. Suspending sparkling studs surrounding by ruby center is one such instance that pays a playful nod to the spring celebration.

Checkout these unique resin jewelry designs, if you’re looking some inspiration:

Wrist band Resin Jewelry

resin ring jewelry

Resin Necklace Jewelry

Resin Jewelry Pendants

heart shape resin jewelry pendant

Bangles Resin Jewelry

blue resin necklace

Bracelet Resin Jewelry

Casting Resin Facts

Casting resin is an ideal material which is known for its low viscosity liquid properties, it mix up well with the catalyst and often consider for blending with pigments and dyes. Jewelry enthusiast mostly prefers this material to make handmade resin jewelry especially to give that transparent look this is one of the most preferable supplies which is easily available in the market and is inexpensive for the buyer.

Bezels and molds are two other important materials that one should purchase before landing up for the resin jewelry making. Candies and cast resin when poured in bezels or bottle caps (that are substitute to bezels) can help making candy resin jewelry. When it comes to molds latex, plaster, metal and fiberglass there are many options available. One can also choose soft molds such as silicon and soft rubbers to bring that softness stylish resin jewelry.

Before you get started!

Depending on the type of resin one is using, the pot and cure time may differentiate. Generally pot time is the amount of time before resin starts curing which may further accompanied with cure time and demold time (when it tend to detach from its mold). Besides keeping the timing factor in mind, one should also give emphasis on climate that plays a vital role in the success of proper hardening of the resin jewelry. Making resin jewelry must be avoided in humid climate. Besides this, always keep the hygiene factor in mind and use gloves during the process and above all keep patience and do not intimate immediately before resin hardens completely.

How To Make Resin Jewelry

Getting Started – For beginners using resin jewelry making kit is the ideal way to get started with the task. Having a kit that consists of resin, mold, bezel, bits and bobs is reliable.

Bubbling – Air is generally trapped with resin that may lead to bubbling problem that is the reason when casting resin, make sure that the blowing part is done gently otherwise bubbles will pop out and may spoil the entire piece of jewelry.

Adding Color – If you are inclined towards making vibrantly colored jewelry than buying pigments or dyes is must. Simulating the resemblance of colored glass or gemstones is possible with pigments use though reading instruction before using the product is advisable to get desirable results.

Drilling Holes – Using a hand drill is always wise to make a hole in delicate resin jewelry. One must embark with cautions as extreme force or too much heat can spoil entire resin jewelry also, timing is very necessary to be considered and follow the label directions as thumb rule!

Where to find creative raisin jewelry ideas?

Just like CraftyNitti, there are tones of other inspirational websites and blogs where you can learn raisin jewelry tutorials and instruction that you can use to experiment and create your own designs. Explore and experiment! Getting inspired with previous resin jewelry ideas and using your imagination can help making wonderful piece of jewelry. Choose a theme and then embark on the procedure. For instance natural creation may include embedding leaves, flowers, petals, insects or anything that is rather not used creatively for jewelry making. Contrary from nature theme one can find objects such as hooks, wires, pin backing, fabric that surprisingly improvise creative level of the practitioner. If you still don’t find anything, explore internet and go through resin jewelry design ideas that can be really helpful for finding and making inspirational handmade resin jewelry.

Creative Resin Jewelry Making Ideas

Wire wrapping is fascinating resin jewelry idea that is prevailing in fashion industry. Besides this, any light weight object can be considered for making resin jewelry piece. Freshwater pearls, pet tags, sea shells, very small toys, wood pieces are often used to embed into resin before cure time. Interestingly, pictures and photographs can also be used for making resin jewelry though using right instructions is necessary to find original image becoming transparent jewelry. Candy resin jewelry is also popular demand these days, and the secret to make such jewelry is to spray the object with acrylic spray and leave for one night to get it dry so that bleeding out of the candies into liquid resin can be prevented. Inclusion of fabric, butterfly wings, flower petals, tiny leaves into resin while using glitters are other creative ideas to make handmade resin jewelry.

List of Resin Jewelry Supplies you can get online:

Sparkling Star-light Resin Dye Powder In Different Color Shades
Alumilite alumidust color pigments
Transparent Liquid colorants
Natural Skin Tone Color Pigments
Buffing Powder
Opaque Powder Pigment
Colorful Candy Powder Pigments
Alumilite Liquid Pigment Colorants
Envirotex Resin bottles
Neon Glow Powder Pigments
Metallic Powders
Opaque Liquid
Candy Color
Porcelain Powder
Opaque Liquid Resin Colorants
Fluorescent Color Pigments
Deep-Flex Resin Molds
Opaque Powder Pigment colorants
Porcelain Powder
Transparent Liquid
Tempura powders

To avoid any problem during molding task, measuring the jewelry piece and then pouring casting resin is advisable. Also one must correct errors such as bubbles, spills over the edges, and uneven spots before 24 hours because in the second phase of cure time which is approximately 48 hours, correcting errors is not possible and you may end up with a spoiled piece. Gentle blowing is helpful to bring complete transparent appearance. Follow instructions and importantly avoid over pouring, depending on the type of casting resin one is using allowing proper drying time is necessary for the thorough finish of the jewelry. Using heat tool such as dryer is often considered but may sometime soak natural shine of the jewelry also direct heat may leave bubbles that may rather appears to be a disaster for the jewelry piece.


Innovation with resin jewelry can be thrilling and fun packed though in beginning one may find resin jewelry making a nostalgic task especially newbie who may encounter error during trails and may not come up with details with embedded objects feel disheartened but after few experiments and trails, newbie can turned into creative practitioner and surprisingly can beautifully encapsulate objects into transparent jewelry if follow product instructions carefully and integrate it with innovation and skills.

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