Wedding Anniversary Cakes Picture

Delicious anniversary cakes with cherries, choco chips, fudges, and creamy layer are super yummy isn’t it? Yes, i too agree on that. Wedding cakes are bound to give you a ride of memories when years later you look back at pictures of heart anniversary cakes. In fact many cakes for wedding celebration are designed in such a manner that they rather become a party attention stealer than mere a tempting treat for the guests.

I recently attended a wedding anniversary celebration and what i experience was amazing! A grand anniversary cake in a custom design, with firls and falls was occupying a separate stage. There was a photo booth next to the cake platform, where everyone was expected to click pictures, but guess what? That tempting anniversary cake was attracting eye balls. It was really gorgeous!

Heart-shaped-cake- for -wedding

People were more interested in cake and its design. Someone came to me and asked whether it was real or not. I gave an amazed gesture with raised eye brows and a slight smile on my face. Then, the next moment, it was announced that we are going to cut that delicious anniversary cake.

Oh, what a crux of sadness and excitement thrill it was. Feeling of not more enjoying a visual treat but finally tasting it was running excitement among everyone . There was a realm among guests about how custom wedding anniversary cakes are made. Almost everyone was talking about the wedding anniversary cake in their own groups.

Soon celebration began and the occasion was filled with happiness and love. Wohaa.. anniversary celebration! I couldn’t believe how magically anniversary cakes with beautiful custom designs have come so far and have become an integral part of parties and occasions. As earlier it was meant for birthdays only.

These days, gifts and cakes are considered as token of feelings shared among friends and family. But anniversary cake shops are indeed doing great job in terms of bringing that element of excitement in celebrations.

Best anniversary cakes for milestones

There are endless wedding anniversary cakes with names, quotes designs ideas available online that makes your search easy. But if you don’t have time then ask online cakes shops to suggest 25th, 50th anniversary cakes or rather simple designs for newly wed couple from cake design picture catalog to know more.

It seems like days of typical round, oval or rectangular shape wedding cakes no more exist. In fact nowadays, designer cakes for anniversary, birthday, wedding, baby shower or many other occasions are constantly making it possible for people to personalize their celebration.


When it comes to customizing things, you can actually express what is there in your heart, through customize wedding cakes for couples. You can also look for occasion specific anniversary cake designs which are meant to convey your feelings for many reasons. And if your work life have rendered you helpless to do the preparation part, then online gifts portals will help you finding the best cakes for wedding anniversary within just few clicks.

Wedding cakes – Delight someone 

Doesn’t it seem like a God’s gift? A life savior at time, especially when a wife get annoyed for not remembering the D-day but through online cake delivery everything is managed. Doing the damage control through surprises (by simply sending anniversary cakes online) is possible and hassle free. Thanks to modern click of your mouse!

With just an online delivery you can actually deliver hampers of happiness to your loved ones. And when it comes to celebration among you and your loved ones, personalized anniversary gifts has something to offer for your love celebration.

Wedding anniversary cake hampers

Moreover, when there is an urgent need for something to preserve, then also a combo of cakes, flowers and chocolates do wonder for your loved ones. In short, wedding anniversary cakes gives you taste of love and allow you to take a ride of memories. So don’t just wait, let that artist inside you make that special occasion even more special by ordering perfect wedding anniversary cake online.